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13 Tips for securing your Web Application

13 Tips for securing your Web Application

Web applications are an essential part of the modern internet, providing users with rich and interactive experiences. But as web applications become more complex and sophisticated, they also become more vulnerable to security threats. In this post, we will explore...

Overcoming Data Bias in UX Testing and Stats Analysis

Overcoming Data Bias in UX Testing and Stats Analysis

So as a UX designer it's important to let the evidence guide your decisions. However sometimes your own bias or ignorance or determination to solve a small issue can influence your interpretation of the data at hand.  In short this hurts your ability to push the User...

Top 5 Rules for Great UX Conversion Optimisation

Top 5 Rules for Great UX Conversion Optimisation

Firstly, what is conversion optimisation and why is it important? The aim is to encourage users to stay and convert by explaining the value proposition, and building in habitual dependance. Basically, every lead your business generates has a cost, let's say you spend...

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We've had the pleasure to work with the AppNative team for the last few years. They were instrumental in redesigning our entire IT solution from a contemporary and cutting edge user interface to a sound and reliable administration system.

They have always gone beyond the scope of work to ensure successful product launches both here in Australia and globally, as well as support Moving Mindz in meeting our deadlines, and getting apps approved on various platforms. We now have a world class product that we are proud of and we are grateful to Appnative.

Shane Bilborough

CEO, Moving Mindz Pty Ltd

AppNative have been fantastic to work with on our new Ineda platform and over the years.

They've helped us build out the front-end of our customer platform as well as run our teams strategy sessions, sprint standups and retros, as well as run quality assurance testing for our products. 

The AppNative team has been easy to work with and a great way to supplement our internal team with the extra skills we need.

Nick Neda

CEO / Founder, Ineda & BeEnergy

We engaged the AppNative team after doing a search in the Australian market for a local company willing and motivated to bring an innovative idea to life that no one else had achieved. We had many hurdles to get through and the fact we were able to apply for both a patent and a research and development grant is a testimony to what we managed to build together.

The team were as passionate as we were, coming up with ideas that would compliment the solution, but also knew when to pull back if there was scope creep to ensure we remained on track with our MVP. We’re extremely proud of the product we built in partnership with Ben and his team. 

Skye Butler

CEO, Smylee

AppNative is made up of industry veterans with incredibly creative minds and have easily the best UI/UX designers in the world.

Having a deep understanding of modern development and technology coupled with genuinely world-class creative abilities means that AppNative creates visually stunning solutions that are beautiful and intuitive.

AppNative has gone above and beyond assisting us with building not only our product but our team. Their integrity, network, talent, and problem solving have rightfully given him the reputation he has, and our experience with AppNative could not have been better. 

Steven Bolton

CEO, Entrepreneur

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