Our Expertise

Skills are common. Talent is rare!

Our Core Expertise

Mobile App Development

In short, we develop mobile apps for Apple(IOS) and Android, everything from complicated social and business platforms to games development.

Web App Development

We can build any website or online system to run standalone or in conjunction with mobile apps. Everything from complicated business platforms to simple informative landing pages.

User Experience & User Interface Design

AppNative has an award-winning team of UX/UI designers. Moreover, we can intelligently design any digital product to encourage conversion optimisation.

Strategy & Project Management

Strategy is at the heart of any successful product, from user validation to feature planning, to ensure the success of your platform from the beginning. In fact, we can also step in to help supplement or manage your own development or design team.

We Build Digital Businesses

We create digital businesses by turning ideas into platforms and SASS products that can be enjoyed by the whole world. 

Most importantly we build products which grow exponentially while generating regular income. 

Above all else, digital businesses don’t need factories or millions of dollars in inventory. You can sell 1 or millions of units for a similar cost in delivery and distribution.

Our Tech Stack

AppNative uses the latest in technology to make sure that we are always on the cutting edge of what can be done. Above all, ensuring high efficiency and security.


React & React Native

React and React Native allows us to minimise rebuild costs.  Most importantly run out true native apps for IOS and Android. Meanwhile sharing many of the same components on web as well.

To ensure our websites draw the biggest search engine footprint and pages are loaded quickly, we use NextJS and React Query.

In short, it’s the same tech used by Facebook, Airbnb, Uber Eats, Pintrest and Instagram.


Python & Fast API

Firstly, our backend stack takes advantage of arguably the most popular and versitile backend language Python and Fast API

Secondly, python gives us access to machine learning and AI. In short, Python is one of the most broadly taught languages in the world.


For hosting we recommend Google Cloud’s Infrastructure, in particular Cloud Run. Most importantly Google cloud allows auto scalling as you grow and load balancing to handle large spike loads.

Award Winning UX Design

The design of your solution is the first thing people see. In fact, the user experience design is what separates good solutions from great ones.

In other words, it is the funnel that converts every marketing dollar you spend into users & sales.

Firstly, everything we do starts with design from our internal systems to the way we code.

Moreover we care about creating the most beautiful and usable systems in the world and we are driven everyday to make the best products possible.

Our Drives

In fact, we are design and quality driven, not profit driven. We don’t have sales people, the majority of our business is through word of mouth and referrals.

Testing & Validation

Subsequently a huge part of what we do involves user testing, split testing. Likewise, everything gets validated as we move through the process to ensure that the finished product converts, retains users and maximises your marketing funnel.

Technical Strategy

To summarize, we have some of the best technical and UX strategists in the industry.  Therefore we have the talent to plan effectively to ensure we include the latest in AI, machine learning and build a feature set that will ensure habitual dependance to organically grow your user-base via word of mouth. Moreover,  onboard users effectively and retain users in the long term.

Our Technical Offering


We only use the best most robust hosting options with uptime guarantees and disaster recovery support in place. Therefore we can ensure that your system remains, stable, live and most importantly fast.

To sum up, we opt for cloud and load balanced solutions based primarily in Australia or the USA. For instance Google Cloud depending on the requirements of the system being built.


AppNative takes security seriously! Moreover, all your code and assets remain onshore in Australia, and everything is built with security in mind. Subsequently we conduct penetration testing prior to launch to ensure that your platform and your users’ information is secure.   

Our technical architects are Cloud Certified Security engineers. Consequently, we have built systems for clients in the banking and in the gaming space which require the highest level of online encryption and security.

Frontend: React Code Base

Certainly, React is the fastest growing front-end framework in the world. The React Native CLI lets you build native app projects that will work on both iOS and Android. In short, we build out true native code apps that are fast and stable. React Native is used by some of the leading apps in the world including Facebook, Instagram, Wix, and Airbnb.

With React and React Native your platform has access to the entire JavaScript ecosystem of modules. In summary, unlike native 3rd party frameworks, there are no additional package managers required, no compiler flags to add, and no worry about target SDK compatibility.

React’s building blocks are reusable “native components” that compile directly to native. Components you’d use in iOS or Android have counterparts right in React. In conclusion, we get a consistent look and feel on IOS and Android.

In addition to the benefits of covering both IOS and Android with the same codebase, the majority of the build can also be used across web, wearables and even desktop apps for further time and efficiency savings. Most importantly, this means 1 codebase to manage and optimise. In short, less ongoing maintenance costs long term.

We also utilise Airbnb’s Lottie platform to integrate animations in direct from After Effects. In fact we can easily add advanced animation and animated transitions to ensure your app is world class and fully engaging.


Backend: Python & Fast API

Most importanty, Python is one of the most widely used languages in the world, perfect for the development of large enterprize level solutions. Python is also the goto language for machine learning and AI. Moreover Python is taught by all the leading universities globally which ensure a steady supply of qualified developers for your digital business.



Usually, we use Realtime databases, PostgressSQL or Mongo databases depending on the requirements of the project. Data is typically validated on the server side to ensure clean data and security is maintained.

In fact, many of our projects have to manage userbases in the millions. Therefore we’ve become experts at handling tables with 100s of millions of records. Moreover, handling high spike loads for events with high load demand like a launch or PR event.

Working In Agile

Our team works in full agile! As a result each fornight can be planned and replanned independently. In short, each user story carries with it an effort score. Moreover, this score is used to plan our which deliverable we will build out in each sprint.

In summary, as we progress, we will be able to track the progress based on efforts points completed and share a burn down chart with you. That is to say that you can see the rolling delivery date based on the teams velocity.

Making Scope Changes On The Fly

Working in agile means it’s easy for us to switch around user stories and features as we go. Therefore we can make changes as we go. For instance if at any point you decide you need another feature or you want to leave something out we can easy replan the future sprint plans accordingly.

Most importantly, it also means that each sprint we aim to deliver a usable feature set.  In fact you can test and use the product as it is being built out.

Automated Unit Testing

Firstly, we build automated tests into our code to ensure that we can check the stability of existing components. When new features are added, this is essential to building a stable, maintainable system for the long term.

Secondly, some of these are backend test to ensure that code compiles and the results from endpoints are still stable. Others are full front-end automated flows. For example, a bot runs through the app like a user automatically on dozens of different devices to pinpoint any errors in the user flows and user interface.


Design & Development Working Together

Our teams work hand in hand to build you the most amazing product possible. Consequently in this industry only the top, highest quality apps have a chance of taking a serious marketshare.

We ensure that once users get to your app they have the highest chance of staying on the app and recommending others. Therefore, as a result your user base snowballs in size and commitment. In short, this is crucial in taking marketshare from other platforms.

Our designers design with development efficiency in mind. Moreover, without compromising on ingenuity and creativity. Our developers build with design in mind. Most importantly to make sure that the end experience is beautiful and engaging.

So What Does It All Mean?

We care about creating top quality codebases that will save you money in the long term. 

Above all else, quality is at the heart of everything we do! Moreover, we want to share in your success long term by making a product that dominates it’s industry. Moreover it is easy for us, and you, to maintain and evolve long term. 

In short, in app development it’s like anything, you get what you pay for! 

In summary, we’ve seen dozens of clients spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless years building and rebuilding offshore. However, they soon realise that they could have built a much better app with us, for less cost, in a quarter of the time.

How Much Does An App Cost?

What Are The Costs?

Essentially, think of working with us like employing your own developers and designers.  However, with the added benefit of having access and help from the broader AppNative team for project management, strategy and technical assistance.

Moreover, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. For instance, some clients integrate their team into ours, attend every standup, and sprint planning session. In essence, they can be part of the process.

In fact you also have all the employee obligations, training and support handled by us.

In conclusion, the cost will be comparable to covering the salaries of hiring your own team for the time it takes to build the app. Moreover, you can control the size and pace of the team as you go.

Once the scope is put together we can give you a clear estimation of time involved and costs.  Drop us a line if you’d like to get a ballpark on your idea.


R&D Grants

Firstly, because our resources are onshore and our business is 100% Australian owned you can also apply for the full R&D grant. Secondly, you can claim up to 43% of our build costs back. Moreover, it makes our services cheaper than most offshore options. 

In other words you get the benefits of dealing with the best talent Australia has to offer at a globally competitive rate.

Pay As You Go

Most importantly, we charge monthly for the resources you use! Moreover, we don’t ask you to pay 50% or more upfront like many other agencies.

In short, you pay for work as you go so you can manage your spend. Finally, you also have the control to increase or reduce resources at any time to help you manage your budget.