Our Process

If you do it right it will last forever!

1. It all starts with a concept workshop!

We spend a day with you working through your idea, defining your audience, your goals, and building out your feature set.

It’s a chance to brainstorm and get some expert advice on your concept from a development, user experience and strategy perspective.

The aim is to get a feature set together so that we know exactly what we are going to design and build.

2. The User Story Scope

From the workshop our BA and UX team convert the feature cards created during the workshop into a user story scope.

This allows us to plot out all the technical requirements as well as estimate each feature in terms of effort required.

This scope can then be used by any development team to design and build your solution.

3. The UI/UX Design Phase

Userflow Site Map

A crucial part of the UX process is to plot out all the features into sections and pages and figure out the ideal userflow.

During this process we spend time with velocity optimisation, habitual dependance and onboarding design.

Core Designs & Branding

Depending on your needs at this stage we help develop the core style of your platform including the branding.

This then influences the look of the entire solution. We start with 5 core screens, and then iterate with you until we have the look and feel perfect.

User Interface Visual Designs

From the core designs we then design up all the screens so that everything is planned out and designed before develoment begins.

We work closely with you to ensure that the final result is exactly what you are after.

Clickable Prototype

Once designed we create a clickable prototype which will allow you to experience how the solution will work either on your web browser or on your phone. You can also easily leave feedback for the design team.

At this stage we also conduct user testing of the prototype to ensure that our core goals are achieved before development.

4. The Development Phase

Our team works in fortnightly sprints, while our scrum master plans out the features with you to go into the upcoming sprint.

We manage the velocity of the team and track progress easily so we can accurately estimate the rolling release date.

You can make changes as we go and you can see the platform building out each fortnight so you can test each section as it is completed.

Your Own Dedicated Team

Each project has a dedicated team. Their primary goal is to build out your platform in the most efficient way.

The quicker you’d like your platform built, the larger the team we can dedicate to your project.

You can be as involved as much as you like along the way and we can even supplement and help manage your own internal team.

Testing & Refinement

Quality Assurance testing is done sprint by sprint so that we don’t build up any technical debt.

We test across dozens of real devices for IOS and Android and all the leading browsers.

We also build in automated tests to ensure that code and systems already built can be tested in seconds to ensure everything is still working correctly when anything new is added.

Dev Ops & Ongoing Support

After launch we can provide ongoing support and dev ops to ensure that your apps stay fast and grow with your audience.

Our user experience team can also help you optimise your conversion rates and give you the right advice to ensure the long-term success of your platform.