Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work!

An Exceptionally Talented Local Team

Firstly, we don’t outsource your work to offshore teams like most agencies. Our design and development team is based in Melbourne. Moreover we’re made up of award winning designers and developers.

Working with AppNative means you can meet everyone in your team and work directly with them to get the best results and the clearest communication.

R&D Grants

Secondly, we have set our team up specifically as Melbourne based so you can also take advantage of government R&D grants at the maximum level.

Team Size

We can deploy teams of 2 to 30 developers for your project when needed. Moreover, we have some of the most talented, most passionate developers and designers in the world.

Your Own Dedicated Team

Finally working with us is like having your own team of exceptional developers. Consequently you get the benefits of our broader team for testing, strategy, design and team management. But on the other hand, without the hassles of employing your own people.

Most importantly, we are trusted by some of the top corporates and agencies globally because we provide amazing top quality results every time.

Regular Training

We genuinely care about the development of our team members. Therefore, we hold weekly training sessions for the team on a variety of topics. For example, new development methods, leadership, design, communication, agile, UX and programming tricks. Subsequently we run these internally and also bring in industry experts.

Our Tech Stack

Most importantly we use the latest in technology to make sure that we are always on the cutting edge of what can be done. Subsequently ensuring high efficiency and security.


React & React Native

React and React Native allows us to minimise rebuild costs. In short we can run out true native apps for IOS and Android. Subsequently they share many of the same components on web as well.

Above all else it is the same tech used by Facebook, AirBnB, Uber Eats, Pintrest and Instagram.

Python & Fast API

Our backend stack takes advantage of arguably the most popular and versitile backend language Python and Fast API. 

In summary, Python gives us access to machine learning and AI and is one of the most broadly taught languages in the world.


For hosting we recommend Google Cloud’s Infrastructure, in particular Cloud Run which allows auto scalling. Most importantly, as you grow you can take advantage of load balancing to handle large spike loads.

Help Aquiring Certifications

In fact we run regular training programs. As a result these encourage staff to train and obtain certifications in security, cloud hosting and other disciplines.  Moreover, we provide time and structure to learn as a team. Finally, we finance the application process for staff.

Our Melbourne Offices

Level 2/696 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

We have offices a short walk from Southern Cross station.


Facilities & Entertainment

Our 3 story building has a roof top deck for entertaining, meeting rooms, a recording studio, full kitchen and shower facilities. Staff often stay for drinks on Friday night.

Moreover, we have regular air hockey tournaments and golf putting comps.


Work From Home Balance

AppNative staff have the option to work at home as much or as little as they like. For instance, some work from home full time, while others do a mix of home and office.

In short, it is because they want to achieve a good home/work balance. As a result, we maintain the benefits of working and collaborating in person.